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Digital media is now the greatest source of entertainment, social interaction, news and even shopping. Consumers are not confined to just what you say about your company, but are also privy to what your other clients are saying about you. With this as the constant backdrop, the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at an unprecedented pace.

Our Service

Social Media Solutions provide consulting service in Macau and Hong Kong. We are a young but experienced team to offer you the best digital marketing service.

Social Media is our main service that includes:

-Community Manager
-Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Wechat.
-Forums and other platforms service
-Campaign design, development, monitorization and analysis.
-Advertising and media placement.

Content is the heart of your business, the quality content will give you the key in the media and your customers, both online and offline.

Not only does quality content impress your audience and legitimize your brand, but it also plays an integral role in search marketing, social media recognition and brand advocacy.

Our team provide content development in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) and Simplified Chinese (Mandarin).

Since a few years, SEM and  SEO are key when ensuring that your website ranks among the top results for specific keywords across different search engines.

To produce meaningful content, valuable links and other key
aspects of the SEO, we work including bid optimization,
keywords, ad copy and landing page development.
Through real-time bid optimization.

We help you analyzing your target market segments as well as baseline data on their current marketing campaigns. Competitive set reports that include information on your competitors efforts, including their strategies and perceived markets, it is a great tool for use by your own internal marketing and sales teams.

Understanding your target market and where you can find your customers online and offline is key to developing a strategy marketing plan.