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Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, etc. In the past few years Google has become an indispensable tool to everybody who works in the Internet, from the professional SEO to a small blogger. There are a lot of useful tools that you may not know, and we will try to explain a little bit of each one to you.

Today we want to introduce you the Google Mobile Optimization Test
With this simple tool, you can check if your website is optimized for mobile devices, something simple but useful. If it is not optimized will help you to do it!

Once you access to the website, input the URL to analyze. We recommend to include the “www” because sometimes there can be some error and the tool cannot recognize the site, even if your website has been registered in Google Webmaster Tools without “www”.

Click on Analyze and wait a few seconds while Google check our website.

After the loading bar is 100% completed, we will know if our website is optimized for mobile devices.

If your site is not optimized for mobile, Google will show you the reasons and solutions. Some of the reasons use to be:

– Small text font.
– Links are too close together.
– Mobile view is not defined.

Hope it is useful for you and remember, If there is any problem or question, please do not hesitate to contact us here, on Facebook or Email.