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When we start a website one of the best action to take at the very beginning (Maybe just after an hour the site was opened) is to monitor visits with Google Analytics.

We are writing and publishing for some weeks already and suddenly we see that we have a huge peak of visits and page views, Awesome! After all I am a better writer than I thought! It is one of the most typical mistakes for the Bloggers beginners. When you visit your site is also recorded and, mostly in the first months would invalidate the statistics. By avoid this from the beginning we can have a clean statistics easily.

There are several ways, firstly can exclude your IP address from Google Analytics, however this measure is quite mediocre, since many of us have dynamic IPs. Furthermore doing this is more complex.

The easiest and effective way for us is to install a complement in your browser. The “Invisibility for Analytics” add-on will cease to report data to the application and then our visits will never be traced. We also have the huge guarantee that the plugin is provided and developed by Google itself, it is perfect right? Let’s see how to install it.


  • Easy to install.
  • Valid for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  • Light, no weight.
  • Developed and supplied by Google.


  • From now you will be invisible, but it does not have much relevance.

Get The Google Chrome Complement HERE

Click on the blue button, then you will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store, similar than the following screen:

Now your Chrome Navigator (or rather the browser you use) no longer will count your data and you can trust the Google Analytics Report. Have a nice weekend!