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Yes, you are not the only one who suffered from the Facebook 20 percent rule. You create the advert, and after a couple of hours, your ad is not running, why? Then you notice your ad is not approved because your image exceed the maximum of text allowed in the Facebook Advertisement Policy.

The first thing to recognize is that Facebook uses a combination of manual and automated review to verify ads. All ads will go through the automated system, which includes a grid-based text overlay detection tool. Then only a percentage of ads will be reviewed by humans. This would explain why enforcement of the 20 percent rule is sometimes inconsistent.

Here’s Facebook’s official word on the 20 percent rule, according to the Help Center, along with its examples of acceptable and unacceptable images:

  • “For ads and sponsored stories that appear in News Feed, the amount of space the text in your image takes up may not exceed 20%. Examples of promoted content this applies to include promoted page posts, app install ads, offers or any other ad or sponsored story with placement in News Feed. For example, event ads use the event’s photo for its image, so your event’s photo should not have more than 20% text if you plan to promote it in people’s News Feeds.


  • This 20% text policy does not apply to pictures of products that include text on the actual product. Photos of products in real situations or photos of products with a background are acceptable. Images that are zoomed in on logos or images with text overlay are not allowed. We will also not allow images that are clearly edited to include text on the product as a loophole to policy.


  • Remember, this limit only applies to ads and sponsored stories that appear in News Feed. Unpromoted photos you post from your page can have any amount of text.”

Luckily, Facebook provide us a tool to know if our ad will be approved or not. So, before create the ad, we can access to the Tool and check our Image.

Lets do it! First go to the Facebook Grid Tool Application. You will see something like this:

Click on Choose File to upload the Image you want to check.

Once the image is uploaded, you will see that is divided by squares (5x5). Now, we click in the squares that include some text, see the example:

A priory you may think that the image will be less than 20% text, but as you can see, 44% is covered by text according to the Facebook Grid Tool, so what is next? Go to edit our image, according to the squares, we modified and uploaded again:

Our image is ready to post! Now the image is covered by 20% text, as you can see, 5 of the 20 squares contain text.