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If you own or admin a Facebook Fan Page, you are using (if not, you should) the targeting feature in your ads. But, do you know that you can target your organic posts too? Using the Facebook Targeting for organic posts puts your updates in front of the people who are more likely to share, like or comment on them.

We can target by gender, age, relationship status, educational status, location, languageand interests.

Interests, is one of our favorites and, if you used it properly, it will raise your post engagement.
You can target your posts to users who have specific interests.

For example, you own an offline musical instruments store, and you use to post information about new arrivals. Today you want to promote a new arrival guitar:

You don’t have to use all the targeting option, for this case, we could choose: Age, locationand interests.

 Range of age interested to buy a new guitar.
Location: City where is located the shop (include near cities where we have customers or want to).
Interests: Kind of guitar, guitar brand, music, bands related, music style, famous guitarist who use it, etc.

Using the targeting option, this post will reach the right people who is interested in guitars, that means the engagement will be higher than if we post to all our fans. At the same time,this will decrease the Page “Unlikes” as people who is not interested in guitars will not see your publication in the news feed.

Regardless of how many fans you have, all pages have the Targeting option. If you don’t have the target symbol in your post area, you can enable it by going into your page Settings. From there:

1. Click Settings.
2. Select Targeting and Privacy for Posts.
3. Check Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my page.
4. Save Changes.

From now, every time you write a new post you will see a target icon just next to the Post Location, click on it to see the targeting options.

After click on the targeting icon, you can start to target your post!
Only admins of the page will see that you have added targeting to the post—no one else will see the targeting options.

You can also specify the time and day you want your post to stop showing organically in the news feed (this is the Post end Date).

What are you waiting for? Have you tried Facebook organic post targeting for your posts? It is free! Try and share your thoughts with us!