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Social media images in 30 seconds? I know what are you thinking.

Buffer is a very complete and useful social media tool that help us to manage our social media accounts, schedule post, analytic and much more.

Images boost shares and views on blog posts, while also working particularly well on Twitter. With numbers like this staring us in the face, Buffer decided to create Pablo, its own image-creation tool.

Lets start with Pablo by Buffer.

How does Pablo work?The beauty of Pablo is that all the features are present on the same screen and integrate directly in to your Buffer queue.

The text window allows you to edit existing quotes or add your own. This is especially useful for creating images with statistics or announcements (see examples below).

You can then change the font, text size and color. Further down you have the ability to swap the image out or upload your own. In addition, you can add your logo and increase the contrast. Finally, click a publishing option, and you’re done.

Pablo isn’t as feature-rich as other social media images editor, but it has it’s own purpose, to create eye-catching images in less than 30 seconds.

28 seconds exactly we spend to create this image for our Facebook today’s post, so, from Social Media Solutions we recommend all of you to try it. It is a simple but powerful tool!